Egypt Uncovered: A Tour from Cairo to Luxor

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A tour from Cairo to Luxor is an amazing experience for all types of travelers. It starts with a flight from Cairo International Airport to Luxor International Airport, which takes about two hours. From the airport, you will be taken by private road transfer or rail journey through the stunning desert landscape and ancient ruins of Egypt’s past capital cities.

Once in Luxor, you can explore the incredible Karnak Temple complex, Valley of Kings and Queens, Hatshepsut temple, and Colossi of Memnon monuments as well as other attractions such as hot air ballooning over the river Nile at sunset or cruising on a traditional felucca boat along this majestic waterway. At night time there are different options for dinner including local restaurants offering delicious Egyptian cuisine. Finally, before returning to Cairo there is time for shopping at one of many bazaars and souks located around Luxor city center.

If you’re looking for a truly life-changing experience, consider taking a tour from Cairo to Luxor. This amazing journey takes you through some of the most iconic sites in Egyptian history, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in culture and beauty like never before. Your first stop on this unforgettable tour is Cairo.

Here, you’ll be able to explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and take part in an incredible sound and light show that illuminates these ancient structures at night. Other attractions include the Egyptian Museum which houses many artifacts from dynasties long gone as well as Islamic monuments such as Sultan Hassan Mosque or Al Azhar Park. From there, it’s onward to Luxor – one of Egypt’s oldest cities and home to Karnak Temple Complex which was once considered one of the greatest religious sites in all of Ancient Egypt.

The Valley Of Kings is also nearby where visitors can marvel at royal tombs carved into solid rock while other historical sights like Colossi Of Memnon or Hatshepsut Temple will leave your jaw dropped with amazement! You can even take a hot air balloon ride over Luxor for an unrivaled bird’s eye view that will stay with you for years afterward! Lastly, make sure not to miss out on visiting Dendera Temple – a temple dedicated to the Hathor goddess renowned for its intricate carvings depicting scenes from Ancient Egyptian mythology.

Luxor Tours from Cairo by Flight

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the beauty and history of ancient Egypt, a tour from Cairo to Luxor is one of the best ways to do it. Luxor is home to some of the most iconic and impressive monuments in all of Egypt, including Karnak Temple, Valley of Kings, and Queen Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple. Taking a flight from Cairo allows visitors to get there quickly and efficiently for an incredible journey back in time.

For those who are looking for an efficient way to visit this amazing destination without having to drive or take public transportation, flying directly into Luxor can be just what they need. Flights depart daily from Cairo International Airport with several airlines offering direct flights between the two cities. The flight duration is typically around 1 hour 15 minutes depending on airline choice and weather conditions so travelers don’t have much time to wait at airports before they arrive at their destination.

Once you’ve arrived in Luxor, there are various tours available that will show you all the major sites such as Karnak Temple Complex, Valley of Kings & Queens (including Tutankhamun’s tomb), Colossi Of Memnon Statues, Ramesseum – The mortuary temple Of Pharaoh Ramses II, Deir El-Medina – Village Of Craftsmen .and many more attractions that make your trip worth every penny spent.

Cairo to Luxor 2-Day Tour

Are you looking for a short, yet sweet getaway in Egypt? If so, then the Cairo to Luxor 2-Day Tour is the perfect adventure for you! This two-day Nile Valley tour is an amazing way to explore some of the most iconic and awe-inspiring tourist sites in Egypt.

From ancient tombs and temples to vibrant markets and bustling bazaars, this journey will surely leave a lasting impression on any traveler. The trip begins with your arrival at Cairo International Airport where you’ll be met by your guide who will lead you through all of the necessary paperwork required before boarding your flight from Cairo to Luxor. Upon landing in Luxor, your guide will take you on an interesting guided city tour that includes visits to Karnak Temple Complex and Luxor Museum – two very popular attractions amongst travelers.

Afterward, it’s time for dinner followed by a night spent at one of the luxurious hotels located in downtown Luxor.

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Cairo to Luxor by Boat

If you’re looking for an adventure that combines the best of both urban and rural Egypt, then look no further than a journey from Cairo to Luxor by boat. This two-day excursion is perfect for those who want to experience some of the country’s greatest sights, while also taking in its unique culture and natural beauty. The first day will involve traveling from Cairo to Luxor via cruise ship.

Cruise ships provide comfortable accommodations with a variety of amenities including restaurants, bars, entertainment rooms, and more! The scenery along this journey is stunning as it passes by ancient monuments such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and other historical sites. As you sail downriver on the Nile, enjoy views of lush green fields dotted with palm trees and small villages which will give you a glimpse into traditional Egyptian life.

Once your cruise ship docks at Luxor late in the evening, spend your second day exploring this beautiful city located on the east bank of the River Nile. Begin your tour with a visit to Karnak Temple Complex – one of Egypt’s most impressive collections of temples dating back thousands of years ago! Afterward, head over to Hatshepsut temple – built during Ancient Egyptians’ 18th Dynasty – before continuing onto Valley Of Kings where many Pharaohs are buried in their glorious tombs deep inside rock-cut chambers beneath cliffs!

Luxor Day Trip from Hurghada

If you’re looking for a fun day trip from Hurghada, consider a visit to Luxor. Located about 220 miles south of Hurghada, Luxor is home to some of the most famous ancient ruins in Egypt. From grand temples and tombs to stunning monuments and statues, there’s something for everyone in this magical city.

On your journey from Hurghada to Luxor, you’ll be able to admire the breathtaking views of the desert landscape along the way. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll have plenty of time to explore all that this incredible city has to offer. Start off by visiting Karnak Temple Complex – one of the world’s largest religious sites – with its extensive complex of sanctuaries and vast array of enormous columns and statues dedicated to various gods and goddesses throughout history.

Then make your way over towards Valley Of The Kings where an impressive collection of royal tombs are located within steep cliffs overlooking the Nile River – including King Tutankhamun’s Tomb! Afterward, take some time out to relax on board a traditional felucca boat ride downriver before heading back into town for lunch at one of the many restaurants offering delicious local cuisines such as Koshari (a popular Egyptian dish) or Fattah (rice layered with lamb shank). For those wanting more adventure-filled activities, there are also hot air balloon rides available so that you can experience views like never before!

Day Trip from Cairo to Luxor

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous day trip from Cairo to Luxor, then you have come to the right place. Located on the banks of the River Nile in Egypt, Luxor is one of the most fascinating destinations in Africa. With its ancient tombs, temples, and monuments that date back thousands of years, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

The best way to get from Cairo to Luxor is by taking a flight. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to fly from Cairo International Airport directly into Luxor International Airport. Most flights depart early morning so if you are planning your trip make sure to book well in advance as tickets may be limited depending on when you plan your visit.

Once at Luxor airport transfers can easily be arranged with any tour operators or hotel staff who will take care of getting you safely where ever you need to go within this incredible city. Once there, visitors will find plenty of things to see and do throughout their stay like exploring some of Egypt’s oldest archaeological sites such as Karnak Temples Complex or Valley Of The Kings which houses burial chambers belonging to Egyptian Pharaohs & Queens along with many other impressive attractions. You can also enjoy shopping around local markets full of handmade items such as jewelry, carpets, souvenirs, etc.

For those seeking more adventure activities like camel riding, hot air balloon rides over the desert, or off-road jeep safaris can also be organized throughout your stay.

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Cairo to Luxor Train

Traveling in Egypt is an exciting experience, and taking the Cairo to Luxor train is one of the most popular ways to explore this ancient country. Not only does it provide a convenient way to get between two of Egypt’s major cities, but it also offers travelers a chance to experience the culture and scenery along the way. The journey by train from Cairo to Luxor usually takes around 10 hours, depending on how many stops are made along the route.

The majority of trains depart from Cairo Central Station at least once per day, with some offering overnight service as well. The first part of your journey will take you through a breathtaking desert landscape that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. A highlight for many travelers is passing through Al-Qusayr station where you can marvel at some spectacular views of Lake Qarun and its surrounding area before heading towards Upper Egypt (the south).

As you continue southward into Upper Egypt more lush vegetation appears until finally arrive in Luxor – known as “the world’s greatest open-air museum” due to its wealth of historical sites such as Karnak Temple or Valley Of Kings & Queens . Generally speaking, there are three kinds of ticket classes available on these routes: First Class Sleeper Cars (with private cabins), Second Class Cabins (shared cabins), or Third Class Seating Carriages -all equipped with Air Conditioning Systems and WC/Washrooms onboard.

Cairo to Luxor by Car

If you’re looking for a great way to experience the unique and beautiful landscape of Egypt, consider taking a road trip from Cairo to Luxor by car. The journey is approximately 500 miles long and can take anywhere from 8-10 hours depending on how often you stop along the way. This route offers travelers an incredible opportunity to explore some of Egypt’s famous landmarks and ancient sites, as well as get up close with its diverse culture and people.

The best way to start your journey is by flying into Cairo International Airport. From there, it’s easy to rent a car – either directly at the airport or through one of many rental companies in town – that will make your drive much more comfortable. Once you have your vehicle ready, head south towards Luxor via Qena Road (Highway 15).

Depending on traffic conditions, this section should take between five and seven hours before arriving in Luxor City Centre where accommodation options are plentiful.

Cairo to Luxor Distance

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, chances are that your itinerary will include a visit to Luxor. Located in the south of Egypt, it is known for its ancient ruins and monuments including the Karnak temple complex and Valley of Kings. If you’re starting from Cairo, the capital city located in the northern part of the country, then there are two options available for traveling between these two cities: flying or driving.

Flying from Cairo to Luxor is probably one of the fastest ways to travel between these two cities as it takes less than an hour depending on which airline service you choose. The flight distance is approximately 500 km (311 miles). There are several flights daily operated by different airlines such as Egypt Air, FlyEgypt, and Skyjet Airlines with prices ranging from around $ 50-100 USD per person depending on when you book your tickets.

Driving from Cairo to Luxor is another option if you have more time or looking for an adventure road trip experience along the way through an iconic desert landscape dotted with oasis towns like Bahariya Oasis, Farafra Oasis, and Dakhla Oasis among many others. Depending upon your vehicle type (car/bus), how quickly you drive, and frequent stops are made along the way – this journey can take anywhere between 9-12 hours covering an approximate distance of 752 km (466 miles).

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Can You Do a Day Trip from Cairo to Luxor?

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from Cairo, Luxor is the perfect destination. Located on Egypt’s Nile River, this ancient city has plenty of sights and activities to offer visitors. Despite its large size, it is possible to do a day trip from Cairo to Luxor, as flights between the two cities are just an hour long.

The first step in planning your day trip is booking your flight from Cairo to Luxor. There are several airlines that offer daily flights including EgyptAir and Sun Air Express. Prices vary depending on the time of year and availability but typically range between $50-100 USD per person (plus taxes).

Once you have booked your flight, it’s important to make sure that you leave enough time for airport check-in and security procedures before heading off on your journey. Once you arrive in Luxor there will be plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and exploring all that the city has to offer. The Karnak Temple Complex is one of the most popular attractions; here you can wander through over 30 sanctuaries dedicated to various gods such as Amun Ra and Ptah while admiring gigantic statues along with hieroglyphics carved into walls and columns inside each temple room dating back thousands of years ago!

Another must-see spot during your visit is Valley Of The Kings – where ancient pharaohs were buried within secret tombs filled with treasures still waiting to be discovered today!

How Long is a Boat Ride from Cairo to Luxor?

A boat ride from Cairo to Luxor is a popular and picturesque way of traveling between these two cities in Egypt. The trip takes approximately 8-9 hours, depending on the type of vessel you take. If you’re looking for the fastest route, there are ferry services that can get you from Cairo to Luxor in as little as 6 hours.

These ferries travel along the Nile River at speeds up to 25 knots (46 km/h). They make stops along the way at several points of interest such as Aswan and Kom Ombo, allowing passengers to disembark and explore if they wish. However, please keep in mind that while this option offers an express journey time, it may not be comfortable due long periods spent seated or standing on board.

Those seeking a more leisurely voyage could opt for one of the traditional Dahabiya sailboats available for hire on this route. This slower but much more relaxing method will take between 8-9 hours – giving travelers plenty of time to enjoy views of lush green banks during their journey downriver towards Luxor’s iconic ancient temples and tombs located at its western edge. Whichever mode of transport you decide upon when planning your trip from Cairo to Luxor by boat – whether it’s a swift ferry service or slow-moving sailing dahabiyas – rest assured that both options provide spectacular vistas throughout your voyage across Egypt’s most famous waterway!

How Long is the Train Ride from Luxor to Cairo?

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, chances are you’ll be traveling between Luxor and Cairo. While the two cities are only 500 miles apart, the train ride from one to the other can take up to 17 hours. The journey begins in Luxor at 10:00 am local time daily with departures every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The route follows a network of railway lines that were first built in 1856 by British engineers during their occupation of Egypt. This line runs through four major stations along its way including Asyut, Minya, and Beni Suef before arriving at its final destination – Ramses Railway Station in Cairo – around 3:00 am on the following day (17 total hours). During this long haul train journey, passengers will travel across vast desert landscapes as well as some small towns located along the Nile River before finally arriving in the bustling Cairo city center.

Along the way they may spot ancient sites such as Karnak Temple Complex near Luxor or Kalabsha Temple near Aswan City – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Passengers have several options when it comes to booking tickets for this particular route; there is economy class seating which costs around US$25 per person (one-way), while business class seating costs twice as much but offers more comfort than economy class.

How Much is a Taxi from Cairo to Luxor?

If you’re planning to take a taxi from Cairo to Luxor, you should know that it can be quite expensive. The cost of the trip depends on factors like the size and model of the taxi, how many passengers are traveling, and how far away your destination is. But generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere between 2000-3000 Egyptian Pounds for a one-way trip from Cairo to Luxor by private taxi.

The cost may also vary depending on whether or not you choose an air-conditioned vehicle, as well as if there is any extra luggage being taken along with you. Furthermore, if you decide to hire a driver for your journey then this could add even more expense to your total fare. To give you an idea of what kind of prices we’re talking about here: a 4-seater car without air conditioning might set you back around 2200 EGP (Egyptian pounds) whereas opting for an air-conditioned 8-seater minivan would probably run up closer to 3000 EGP or even more in some cases!

It’s important to remember that traffic conditions in Egypt can be very unpredictable; so make sure that when booking your ride ahead of time, plan accordingly and allow plenty of time for delays due to road congestion which could potentially increase the duration (and therefore price) of your journey significantly!

Luxor Egypt Travel Guide (from Cairo to Luxor for ONLY $25 Round Trip)


Are you thinking of taking a trip from Cairo to Luxor? You’re in for an incredible journey! This tour will take you through some of Egypt’s most amazing sites, including the ancient city of Giza with its legendary pyramids and the majestic Valley of Kings.

From there, you’ll travel south along the Nile River, allowing you to admire breathtaking views along your way. Stop at major cities like Aswan and Edfu before reaching Luxor where you can explore Karnak Temple Complex and Luxor Temple as well as other tombs. Whether it’s your first time or not, this tour is sure to be a memorable one!