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Jordan and Egypt Tours is an amazing way to experience the unique cultures, landscapes, and history of both countries. Tour packages generally include guided tours of the major sites in each country such as Petra, Wadi Rum Desert, and Mt. Nebo in Jordan; Cairo’s Pyramids and Giza Necropolis, Luxor’s Karnak Temple Complexes and Valley of the Kings in Egypt. In addition to sightseeing activities on Jordan & Egypt Tours, travelers will also enjoy a variety of activities like camel riding, trekking through canyons, visiting local markets for shopping, or just relaxing on white-sand beaches at Red Sea resorts.

Tours generally last from one week up to two weeks depending upon the traveler’s interests with various hotels along the way offering comfortable accommodations for overnight stops.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable travel experience, look no further than Jordan and Egypt tours. This combination of two majestic countries allows travelers to explore the ancient wonders and modern sites that make up the Middle East. From trekking through Petra in Jordan to visiting Giza’s Pyramids in Egypt, these tours offer something special for everyone.

Jordan is known for its stunning landscapes, exciting adventure activities, and unique culture. Visitors can embark on an unforgettable journey through the desert of Wadi Rum or traverse over the Dead Sea in a hot air balloon ride. History lovers will enjoy exploring legendary cities such as Jerash and Aqaba while wildlife enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on spotting exotic animals like ibexes at Dana Nature Reserve or ospreys along the Red Sea Coastline.

The country also boasts numerous religious sites including Mount Nebo where Moses first saw Canaan; Madaba, home to some of the oldest Christian mosaics; and Karak Castle which was once used by Crusaders during their conquest of Jerusalem. Egypt has plenty to offer guests who are interested in discovering its vast history and vibrant culture too! A tour here wouldn’t be complete without visiting iconic monuments like Karnak Temple Complex or cruising down river Nile with visits to Luxor’s Valley of Kings & Queens along the way!

Of course, no visit would be complete without stopping by Cairo’s Great Pyramid – one of mankind’s most impressive structures ever built!

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What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt And Jordan?

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, then Egypt and Jordan are two countries that should definitely be on your bucket list. Both offer some of the most incredible sights in the world, from the pyramids of Giza to Petra’s ancient monuments; however, when it comes to deciding when to visit these awe-inspiring places, timing is key. When it comes to Egypt, springtime (March-May) is arguably one of the best times to visit as temperatures tend not to get too hot yet and there’s typically less rain than in other months.

If you can deal with higher temperatures and don’t mind more crowds due to peak season pricing then summer (June – August) is also a great time as well – although if you’re planning any outdoor activities such as desert tours or Nile cruises you may want to opt for spring instead due its milder climate. Winter (December – February), meanwhile, tends not to have too many tourists so prices will likely be cheaper but bear in mind temperatures can get quite cold at night so make sure you pack accordingly! As for Jordan, autumn (September – November) usually provides lovely warm weather without being too humid or hot making this an ideal time for sightseeing and exploring all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Springtime in particular can provide excellent conditions with plenty of sunshine during the day while still cool enough at night – plus flowers normally start blooming by April making everything look even better!

How Many Days to Visit Egypt And Jordan?

Egypt and Jordan are two of the most captivating countries in the Middle East, full of ancient history and culture. For many travelers planning a trip to this region of the world, it can be difficult to know how much time is necessary for a satisfying visit. So, how many days should you plan for an Egypt and Jordan tour?

It really depends on your interests and preferences. If you want to make sure that you get a comprehensive experience, then we recommend at least 12-14 days as an ideal amount of time. This gives you enough flexibility to explore all the sights in both countries without feeling too rushed or overwhelmed with decisions while traveling.

If your time is more limited than that but still enough for a great trip, then 8-10 days would be sufficient for seeing some of the major attractions in both countries. During this length of stay you could include visits to Cairo’s Pyramids & Sphinx as well as Petra & Jerash in Jordan – making sure not to miss out on any must-see spots! For those who have even less vacation time available (5-7 days) don’t worry – there’s still plenty that can be done within this window!

How Do I Get from Jordan to Egypt?

Traveling from Jordan to Egypt is an easy journey that can be done by land, sea, or air. Each mode of transportation offers its own advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider which option best fits your needs. By Land: One of the most popular ways to travel from Jordan to Egypt is by bus or rental car.

There are several companies offering direct routes between Amman (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt). The route typically takes around 8-10 hours depending on traffic conditions, making this a relatively convenient way to get between the two countries. You will need a valid passport in order for the driver/bus conductor to enter Egypt; however, you don’t need any additional visas or permits if you’re only staying for a short period of time (up to 6 months).

By Sea: If you want something more leisurely than driving yourself across borders, then taking the ferry from Aqaba (Jordan) over the Red Sea into Nuweiba (Egypt) may be worth considering. This journey usually takes around 10-12 hours and there are plenty of amenities available onboard like snacks, drinks, and entertainment options such as movies or shows. Passengers must have their passports with them at all times during this trip but no visas are required if they’re just visiting for up to six months.

Jordan And Egypt Tours

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How Many Days in Egypt is Enough?

When it comes to planning a trip to Egypt, one question that often arises is how many days in Egypt is enough? This is an important question since a vacation should be long enough to experience all of the amazing sites and attractions this beautiful country has to offer. The answer will vary depending on your itinerary and interests, but generally speaking, we recommend that travelers plan at least seven days in Egypt for their visit.

While it’s certainly possible to see some of the major sights in just a few days, there are so many wonders in this ancient land that you can easily spend much more time exploring them all. If you want to get the full experience from your trip then you should plan around 10-14 days in Egypt. This will give you plenty of time not only to explore popular attractions such as the Great Pyramids or Abu Simbel but also to take part in other activities like going on desert safaris or visiting Luxor’s Valley of Kings.

In addition, having longer gives you ample opportunity for leisurely sightseeing and savoring local cuisine without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by trying to do too much. For those who are truly passionate about Egyptian culture and history, two weeks may still feel like a short amount of time!

Jordan And Egypt Tours

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Best Tour Companies for Egypt And Jordan

Egypt and Jordan are two of the most fascinating countries in the Middle East, with incredible historical sites and stunning natural landscapes. For those looking to experience this corner of the world, there is no better way than by booking a tour with one of the many reputable companies that specialize in Egypt and Jordan tours. To help you find the perfect fit for your travel style and budget, here is a breakdown of some of the best tour companies for Egypt and Jordan trips.

First on our list is Abercrombie & Kent (A&K), a luxury tour operator based in Illinois, USA. A&K offers flexible itineraries from private excursions to larger group tours featuring expert local guides who provide insight into each destination’s unique culture and history. The company also has an office in Cairo making it easy for travelers to arrange their trip before arriving in either country.

On top of all this, A&K has access to exclusive experiences such as VIP entrance tickets at major attractions like Petra or Luxor Temple so visitors can skip long lines! Additionally, they have luxurious accommodations throughout both countries including five-star hotels near Giza’s pyramids or ancient castles overlooking the Wadi Rum desert that make sure everyone enjoys their time abroad to its fullest extent! Next up we have Intrepid Travel – another leader among global tour operators offering small group adventures tailored towards independent travelers seeking new experiences from off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world.

Egypt And Petra Tours

If you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience, look no further than Egypt and Petra tours. This combination of two fascinating countries will give you the opportunity to explore ancient ruins, visit iconic monuments, take part in exciting activities and learn about two very different cultures. Egypt is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world and its history dates back thousands of years before Christ.

The most popular attractions in Egypt are undoubtedly the Great Pyramids at Giza and Sphinx which were built around 2560 BC as tombs for Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. From here you can also visit Cairo with its impressive museum collection including royal mummies from various pharaohs such as Tutankhamun or Ramses II. For those interested in religious tourism there is also St Catherine’s Monastery located near Mount Sinai where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments from God.

In addition to Egypt’s historical sites, travelers can find adventure on an Egyptian tour by taking part in optional activities such as hot air ballooning over Luxor or cruising down the Nile River on a traditional felucca boat while enjoying breathtaking views along your journey. If you want to get away from it all then why not try diving among coral reefs off the coast of Hurghada or go horseback riding through a desert oasis? Whatever activity takes your fancy during your stay you won’t be disappointed!

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Egypt And Jordan Tours With Nile Cruise

Have you been dreaming of taking an unforgettable tour of the Middle East? If so, you should consider a Nile Cruise that includes both Egypt and Jordan. Combining two of the most popular destinations in the region, this type of tour offers a unique opportunity to explore ancient sites and enjoy modern attractions.

A typical itinerary for an Egypt and Jordan tour with a Nile cruise begins in Cairo, where you’ll have a chance to see some of its amazing monuments like the Great Pyramids at Giza and the monumental Sphinx. After exploring Cairo’s famous sights, your journey continues upriver on board a luxurious riverboat as it cruises down the majestic Nile River. Here, you can visit temples dedicated to Pharaohs such as Luxor Temple or the temple complex located on Philae Island near Aswan which is home to one of the largest religious complexes built by Ancient Egyptians.

On board the cruise ship, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation while admiring beautiful scenery along with various cultural performances such as belly dancing or music shows during dinner time. You can also attend lectures about Egyptian culture given by onboard guides who will give insight into the history behind each sightseeing spot visited every day. After sailing along the Nile River towards the southernmost point – Lake Nasser – crossing over into Jordan will bring even more exciting experiences!


Hey there! Are you looking to explore the Middle East? Well, then have I got a treat for you?

Jordan and Egypt Tours offer some of the most unique and amazing experiences that this part of the world has to offer. From exploring ancient monuments and archaeological sites to enjoying beautiful natural landscapes, these tours are sure to be unforgettable experiences. You can choose from different itineraries depending on your interests or budget, with several options including visits to Petra in Jordan or Luxor in Egypt – both wondrous places full of culture and history.

With experienced guides providing detailed information about each destination along the way, you’ll gain valuable insight into life in these countries while having a blast at the same time. So if you’re planning a trip across this region, why not try out one of their packages and make sure it’s an adventure like no other?