From Big Ben to the Pyramids: Egypt Tours from Uk

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Egypt Tours from Uk

Egypt Tours from UK is an exciting and rewarding way to experience this ancient land. Tour operators offer a variety of packages that often include flights, transfers, accommodation, experienced guides, and sightseeing. The most popular sites on Egypt tours include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and Luxor Temple as well as Nile River cruises, visits to Abu Simbel’s majestic temples, and camel rides in the Sahara Desert.

Most tour companies provide options for both budget-conscious travelers and those looking for more luxurious experiences. Tours can range anywhere between 3 days up to 2 weeks depending on how much time you have available. Many also combine other countries such as Jordan or Israel into their itinerary for an even richer cultural experience!

Are you looking for an unforgettable vacation experience? If so, a tour of Egypt from the UK may be just what you need! From the ancient pyramids and tombs of Giza to the vibrant culture and bustling markets in Cairo, this country has something to offer every traveler.

With its beautiful landscapes, fascinating archaeological sites, and incredible history, Egypt is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Egypt from the UK, there are several different ways to go about it. The simplest option is to book an all-inclusive package with a travel company that specializes in Egyptian tours.

This can be an excellent way to get everything taken care of at once without having to worry about making individual arrangements for accommodation or transportation. Many packages also include guided excursions around major attractions such as Luxor’s Valley of Kings or Aswan’s Philae Temple complex. For those who prefer more flexibility when planning their trips abroad, self-guided tours are also available from many companies offering Egypt tours from the UK.

You will have complete control over your itinerary and can customize it according to your interests and budget constraints.

Why should you travel to Egypt Tours From the UK?

What is the Average Cost of Tours of Egypt?

When it comes to planning a tour of Egypt, the costs can vary greatly depending on how long your stay is and what type of activities you plan to do. The average cost for a full-week tour in Egypt ranges from about $1,400 to $4,000 per person. The costs associated with a tour of Egypt usually include flights and accommodations.

Flights from most major cities in North America or Europe typically range from around $700-$1000 per person, depending on where you’re flying from and when you book. Accommodations are usually included in the package price as well; these could be at hotels or hostels ranging from two-star up to five stars – though budget travelers will likely find better value at budget accommodation options such as guesthouses or campgrounds. In addition to flights and accommodations, other factors that affect the cost of an Egyptian tour are transportation within the country (which can be done by bus or train), food (Egyptian cuisine is generally very affordable), entrance fees into attractions like temples and museums (these prices also tend to be quite reasonable compared with other countries).

Lastly, if you opt for a guided excursion like river cruises down the Nile River or four-wheel drive desert safaris then those fees must also be factored into the total cost.

How Many Days in Egypt Tours is Enough?

When it comes to deciding how many days in Egypt is enough, the answer really depends on what experiences you’re looking for and what type of traveler you are. If you’re a first-time visitor with an appetite for adventure and culture, then two weeks would be ideal. But if your stay is shorter than that, don’t worry – there are plenty of things to do!

For a more leisurely trip, five days in Egypt should suffice. This will give you enough time to explore some of the main attractions including the Pyramids of Giza and Luxor Temple as well as get acquainted with Cairo’s bustling city life. On top of all this, make sure to add in a Nile cruise or even an overnight safari tour so that you can experience everything Egypt has to offer from its ancient wonders through to its diverse wildlife and landscapes.

On the other hand, if your goal is simply ticking off items from your bucket list without dawdling around too much – three or four days should be fine. Use this time wisely by focusing solely on exploring major cities like Cairo and Alexandria or taking one-day trips such as those offered from Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh which usually include snorkeling/scuba diving activities at Red Sea coral reefs among other exciting excursions.

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Are 7 Days Enough for Egypt Tours?

When it comes to planning a trip to Egypt, the question of whether seven days is enough time can be daunting. While this might seem like a short amount of time, there’s actually plenty that you can experience in such a small window. To get the most out of your 7-day trip, start by flying into Cairo and spending at least three days exploring its many sites and attractions.

This city has so much to offer; from ancient pyramids and necropolises to beautiful mosques and markets, you won’t be bored! Plus, because much of Egypt’s history is located near Cairo, it makes sense to begin your journey here. After that head down south for two days or more – depending on how fast you want to go – where you’ll find some breathtaking views along the Nile River.

You’ll also have the chance to explore one of the world’s oldest cities: Luxor with its temples and tombs as well as Aswan with its Nubian culture still intact today. Make sure not to miss out on any opportunities here such as taking an amazing felucca cruise around Elephantine Island or visiting the Abu Simbel temple complex!

What is the Best Way to Tours Egypt?

Egypt is a fascinating country with an abundance of ancient history and archaeological sites, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore a different culture. But touring Egypt can be daunting given its size, so here are some tips on how to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. First and foremost, plan ahead!

Egypt is a large country and there’s plenty to see, from the great pyramids in Giza to the Valley of Kings in Luxor. Before you start planning your itinerary, research what each city has to offer so that you can decide where you want to go and what activities or sights interest you most. This will also help ensure that your time in Egypt is well spent without wasting any days just trying to figure out what’s available or missing out on something important due to a lack of knowledge about certain cities.

Once you have an idea of which places appeal most, look into transportation options between locations; whether it be by plane, train, or car – whatever works best for your schedule (and budget!). If traveling by road proves too costly then consider taking internal flights which often provide good deals on airfares between popular destinations within Egypt such as Cairo-Luxor/Aswan-Hurghada/Sharm El Sheikh etc.

Egypt Tours from Uk


Best Egypt Tours

Are you looking for an amazing way to explore the famous landmarks of Egypt? Look no further than a tour that takes in all of the best sites and attractions. Egypt tours are one of the most popular ways to experience this ancient civilization, from its Pyramids and Great Sphinx at Giza to its many temples and tombs.

From private guided tours to coach trips with larger groups, there is something for everyone when it comes to exploring this fascinating country. One of the best ways to get around is by joining a package tour that includes both sightseeing stops and cultural activities such as lectures about Egyptian history or visits to local markets. These comprehensive packages can include accommodations, meals, transfers between cities, entrance fees into monuments and museums as well as airfare (depending on your destination).

This type of tour offers convenience – everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about planning each day – but also gives you flexibility as they usually allow free time during which you can choose what kind of activity suits your interests better. If you want more freedom while still having access to professional guidance, then consider taking a private guided tour instead. You will be able to visit some incredible sights like Luxor’s Karnak Temple Complex or Abu Simbel’s rock-cut temple complex without worrying about getting lost or missing any important information along the way; plus these tailored experiences offer exclusive access to certain areas where group tours do not go!

Escorted Tours to Egypt from Uk

Are you looking for an exciting trip to Egypt from the UK? An escorted tour is a perfect way to experience all of Egypt’s amazing sites, culture, and people. Escorted tours offer a unique way to explore this fascinating country with knowledgeable guides who can provide you with insight into its history and culture that would otherwise be unavailable if traveling on your own.

One of the best-escorted tours that take travelers from the UK to Egypt is called “The Essential Tour of Ancient Egypt.” This fourteen-day excursion begins in Cairo, where guests will visit ancient sights including pyramids, tombs, temples, and other relics left behind by past civilizations. From there they will journey south along the Nile River through Luxor and Aswan before finally reaching Abu Simbel near Sudan’s border.

Along the way, they will have plenty of opportunities to take in some breathtaking scenery as well as get up close and personal with locals living off the beaten path. This particular tour also includes several optional activities such as hot air balloon rides over Giza Plateau or visits to local bazaars for shopping trips – ensuring everyone has something fun yet educational planned for each day during their stay in Egypt! Additionally, all meals are included (breakfast/lunch/dinner) so guests don’t need to worry about finding food during their travels; adding another level of convenience when exploring this beautiful land!

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Egypt Tours from London

If you’ve been dreaming of exploring the pyramids in Egypt, then a tour from London may be just what you need. An Egypt tour from London will offer travelers an unforgettable experience filled with history, culture, and adventure. Whether you want to explore ancient sites like the Pyramids or enjoy modern luxuries in Cairo, there are tours available that can take care of all your needs.

When it comes to planning your tour from London to Egypt, it’s important to consider how long you would like to stay and what type of activities you want to do while on holiday. Most tours last for seven days and include visits to some of the most popular attractions such as The Great Sphinx of Giza, Valley Of The Kings, Abu Simbel Temples, or Luxor Temple. You can also find packages that include sightseeing trips around Cairo so that travelers can get a better understanding of Egyptian culture and history.

Travelers who book their trip through an agency will typically receive transfers between airports (London Heathrow/Gatwick Airport – Cairo International Airport) as well as accommodation during their stay in Egypt. Depending on budget and preferences, travelers have the option between staying at luxury hotels or traditional Bedouin tents depending on their interests; but no matter where they choose accommodations should provide comfortable beds along with amenities such as air conditioning & free Wi-Fi access.


Are you looking to take a tour of Egypt from the UK? Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, there are lots of options for exploring this awe-inspiring country. From multi-day trips that explore ancient sites and monuments to day trips taking in some of the highlights, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s our guide on what you can expect when booking an Egypt tour from the UK. Egypt is full of fascinating sights and activities that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Most tours will include visits to iconic landmarks such as The Great Pyramid at Giza, the Temple of Karnak, and the Valley Of Kings/Valley Of Queens.

Many also offer additional experiences, such as camel rides or hot air ballooning over Luxor or Abu Simbel – both must-see attractions! When organizing a trip from the UK, it’s important to find out all relevant information before making any bookings. Check visa requirements early on; many countries require visitors to obtain visas prior to arrival if they wish to stay longer than 15 days in Egypt (this applies even if you have a valid EU passport).

You should also investigate travel insurance policies that cover any eventualities while abroad – especially medical expenses which can be very expensive without adequate coverage!