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Egypt and Turkey tours offer a unique tour experience. Egypt offers some of the most incredible ancient monuments, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. In addition to these monuments, visitors can also explore temples like Luxor Temple or Karnak Temple.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, tourists can enjoy spectacular cities like Istanbul and Cappadocia. Popular attractions include Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Halicarnassus Mausoleum in Bodrum city, Grand Bazaar, and Blue Mosque. A trip to both these countries would provide travelers with an unforgettable journey filled with history and culture; from magnificent ruins to beautiful beaches there is something for everyone!

If you’re looking for an adventure that will take you back in time, then a tour of Egypt and Turkey is a perfect choice. From the ancient ruins of Luxor and Giza to the vibrant cities of Istanbul and Ankara; this trip has something for everyone. Whether it’s sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches or exploring bustling markets, there is plenty to keep visitors entertained throughout their journey.

A visit to Egypt would not be complete without seeing some of its most famous sites such as The Pyramids at Giza, Abu Simbel Temple Complex, Karnak Temple Complex, and the Valley Of The Kings. Each one offers a unique insight into Egypt’s past culture; from hieroglyphic inscriptions inside tombs to mysterious statues carved out of solid rock. Once your exploration is done with these iconic landmarks why not try a cruise down the Nile River?

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You can explore both banks while admiring beautiful scenery along the way before finishing off in Cairo where you can sample Egyptian cuisine at local restaurants or shop in bustling bazaars! Next, it’s time to hop over to Turkey which boasts equally impressive sights including Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul – a former church turned mosque – Topkapi Palace Museum – once home of Ottoman Sultans – and Basilica Cistern -an underground water reservoir dating all the way back from Roman times!

Egypt and Turkey Tours | Explore the Best of Turkey & Egypt

Do Egypt And Turkey Get Along?

The relationship between Egypt and Turkey has been an interesting one over the years. The two countries have had a long and complex history, with both nations vying for influence in the region. While there have been periods of cooperation between the two, tensions have also flared up from time to time.

So, what is the current status of their relationship? In recent years, Egypt and Turkey’s relationship has become increasingly strained due to a number of factors. One major issue is their differing views on regional politics; while Egypt largely supports Saudi Arabia and its allies in conflicts such as that in Yemen, Turkey remains an avid supporter of Qatar as well as Hamas in Palestine.

This difference in opinion has led to increased diplomatic tension between these two countries. Another source of disagreement between Cairo and Ankara is their respective stances towards Islamist groups such as Muslim Brotherhood (MB) – which was banned by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi after he came into power – while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to support it politically despite criticism from some Western governments. Such differing opinions regarding MB are likely to cause further rifts between these two countries foreign policies going forward.

Egyptian-Turkish relations were already fragile following allegations made by Ankara against Cairo during the Arab Spring uprising back in 2011 when Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused former president Hosni Mubarak’s regime of having “bloody hands”.

How Do I Get from Turkey to Egypt?

Traveling from Turkey to Egypt is a great way to experience two wildly different countries and cultures. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous journey or just a quick trip, there are several ways to make the trip happen. One of your best options is traveling by plane.

Turkish Airlines offers flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) in Turkey directly to Cairo International Airport (CAI) in Egypt. The flight usually takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes with one stopover in either Ankara or Izmir depending on the route chosen. Prices vary widely but tend to be relatively affordable – around $240-$500 round-trip per person, depending on the time of year and availability of tickets.

If you’d rather take a more leisurely approach, you can also consider traveling by train or bus between these two countries using rail services such as TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and other local companies like Setur Marmara Travel Agency, which offer regular journeys via land borders at Edirne/Kapikule station in Turkey and Arish/Rafah station in Egypt. Trains typically run overnight taking anywhere from 18-24 hours depending on the route taken so this option requires patience but it can also be quite economical with fares ranging from $30-$80 per person each way, excluding any additional fees for transfers across country lines where applicable.

How Many Days in Egypt is Enough?

When it comes to deciding how many days to spend in Egypt, the answer really depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Egypt is a mesmerizing country with so much history and culture that can easily fill up an entire vacation. Whether you want to explore ancient temples, take in stunning views from atop the Great Pyramids, or simply relax on its beautiful beaches, Egypt has something for everyone.

If your time is limited and you only have a few days then it’s best to focus on one area rather than trying to see everything. For example, if Cairo is your destination then three or four days could be enough time to visit some of the city’s main attractions like The Egyptian Museum and Khan el-Khalili bazaar as well as explore the Giza Plateau where the famous pyramids are located. You may also want to add a day trip out into Luxor or Aswan depending on your interests and budget – these are two cities packed full of incredible sights such as Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple Complex, Abu Simbel Temples, and more!

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Should I Go to Turkey Or Egypt?

If you’re trying to decide between Turkey or Egypt for your next vacation, you’ve got two great options. Both countries are full of stunning landscapes and ancient cultures, and they offer a variety of activities that will make your trip unforgettable. To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at what each country has to offer.

Turkey is an amazing destination for travelers who want to experience the history, culture, and cuisine of the Middle East. In Istanbul alone, there’s so much to explore – from the bustling streets of Sultanahmet to the grandeur of Topkapi Palace. And if you’re looking for some beach time in Turkey, head south towards Bodrum where crystal-clear waters await!

Outdoor adventure seekers can also hike up Mount Ararat or trek through Cappadocia’s incredible landscape dotted with rock formations called “fairy chimneys”. Egypt is another spectacular option when it comes to cultural exploration. You can marvel at fascinating archaeological sites like Cairo’s Giza Plateau – home of The Great Pyramids – as well as Luxor’s temples and tombs along the Nile River Valley which were built thousands of years ago by powerful pharaohs such as Ramses II.

For those interested in marine life, snorkeling off Sharm El Sheikh offers an exciting underwater experience filled with colorful coral reefs and exotic fish species like clownfish.


Turkey, Egypt Israel Tours

If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience, look no further than a tour of Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. This unique combination of three countries offers a variety of cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and plenty of opportunities to explore the rich history that each country has to offer. From the vibrant bazaars in Istanbul to the majestic pyramids in Cairo, there is something for everyone on these amazing tours.

First stop: Turkey! The stunning cityscape of Istanbul is sure to dazzle with its bustling markets, ancient mosques, and delicious Turkish cuisine. Start off your trip by exploring some of the grand palaces such as Topkapi Palace or Dolmabahce Palace before heading out into the charming neighborhoods filled with colorful street art.

Don’t forget about UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Hagia Sophia or Suleymaniye Mosque either! Afterward, take time to sample some traditional dishes like imam bayildi (stuffed eggplant) or kunefe (pastry made from shredded wheat). Next up: Egypt!

Visit historical sites such as the Giza Pyramids which were built around 2560 BC – one of the world’s oldest man-made structures – along with other incredible monuments including Karnak Temple Complex and Luxor Temple. A hot air balloon ride over Luxor at sunrise will be an unforgettable experience too!

Egypt Vs Turkey Vacation

If you’re looking for an exotic and exciting vacation destination, it can be hard to choose between Egypt and Turkey. Both countries have a wealth of culture, history, and stunning scenery that make them ideal destinations for any traveler. To help you decide which one is right for you, here we’ll compare the two so that you can determine which country offers the experience that best suits your needs.

When it comes to sightseeing opportunities, both Egypt and Turkey offer plenty of attractions. In Egypt, there are iconic monuments such as the Great Pyramids of Giza or Luxor Temple as well as ancient ruins like Abu Simbel or Karnak Temple. You can also visit mosques, tombs in the Valley of Kings, Coptic churches, and Islamic art galleries all located in Cairo – making it a great place if you want to get immersed in culture!

On the other hand, Turkey has its own set of impressive attractions including Hagia Sophia Museum (one of Istanbul’s must-see places), Topkapi Palace (home to Ottoman sultans) or Pamukkale travertine terraces among others – so there really is something to please everyone no matter what type of holiday they prefer!

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Turkey to Egypt Ferry

If you’re looking to explore the Mediterranean and its many wonders, a ferry from Turkey to Egypt is an ideal way to get there. With regular ferries running between these two countries, it’s never been easier or more enjoyable to make your journey. The most popular route for travelers heading from Turkey to Egypt is the one departing from Alanya in Turkey and docking at Hurghada port in Egypt.

The trip usually takes around 14 hours depending on sea conditions, but can be longer if bad weather delays the voyage. You can expect stunning views of both coastal Turkish cities and some beautiful islands along the way as well as other sights such as dolphins swimming alongside the boat! When booking your ticket, keep in mind that most ferry companies require passengers over 18 years old to have a valid passport or ID card with them when boarding.

It’s also important that all passengers check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure time – any later than this may result in being denied access to the boat itself! Additionally, if you do plan on bringing pets make sure they are registered before traveling; otherwise they won’t be allowed onboard either. In terms of pricing for a one-way fare between Alanya and Hurghada ports: adult fares cost around $50 USD while children under 12 pay half price (around $25 USD).


Are you looking to explore the rich culture and history of two fascinating countries? Look no further than an Egypt and Turkey tour! On this epic trip, you’ll visit some of the most iconic sites in these countries.

From exploring the ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt to marveling at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, there’s something for everyone on this adventure. Plus, with many optional activities like a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia or a felucca sailing around Luxor’s West Bank, you can customize your experience to make it as memorable as possible. So whether you’re looking for a cultural journey or simply want to relax on pristine beaches, book your next holiday with an Egypt and Turkey tour!