“Maldives is a tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean. Home to 1,192 coral islands, the tropical paradise of Maldives country lies in the Indian Ocean to the southern side of Sri Lanka. The islands sheltered in this archipelago are categorized into natural atolls, most of which remain uninhabited. Floating on serene ocean waters, this island nation makes for the perfect getaway for leisure seekers away from the chaos and anxiety of city life.

The Maldives are famous for their idyllic beaches, crystal clear water and vibrant marine life. With over 400 islands spread across 1,200 sq km, there is something for everyone here from luxury resorts to budget stays to authentic homestays with local families. Since these remote regions were discovered by European sailors in 1503 AD, they have been an important trade route for spices between Europe and Asia for centuries.

The Maldives’ architecture varies from traditional thatched roofs huts to modern concrete homes with private swimming pools overlooking crystal clear waters. Most residents live on a single family compound where they grow their own food as well as fruits, vegetables and spices imported from other countries into their kitchen gardens.

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Male City

the southern edge of North Malé Atoll

Male City is a city where the Maldives culture and heritage is most highly preserved.

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National Museum

Male, Maldives.

This museum has more than 5,000 artifacts that document the history of the Maldives and many other faiths.

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Fulhadhoo Island

Baa Atoll, Malvides.

Fulhadhoo Island is a tourist destination in the Maldives. With its crystal clear waters, fine white sand beaches and lush green gardens, this island can be your perfect retreat from the city life.

artificial beach

Artificial Beach

Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll

Maldives is a popular tourist destination in South Asia and one of the most beautiful islands on earth. One such place that attracts thousands of tourists is the artificial island with a sand beach.

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