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Historic Route

BAHER DAR: Lake Tana and The Blue Nile Falls

Is located on the southern Showa of lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, with its ancient monasteries and both the Blue and the White Nile's most spectacular feature, The Tis Isat falls water falls. On the island of Dega Estifanos you will find the church of Saint Estifanos, which has a collection of icons and manuscripts and houses the mummified remains of member of Ethiopian emperors. Ethiopia is often referred to as the water tower of eastern Africa because of the many rivers that pour off its high tableland and visit to this part of Rift valley studded with Lakes volcanoes and savannah grassland offers the visitor a true safari experience.


GONDAR: the Camelot of Africa

Which emperor Fasilidas founded as his capital in 1636, is the site numerous castles- like palaces dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. The city was Ethiopia's capital until the region of Emperor Tewodros II also known as 'Theodre' during the long years when it was a capital the settlement emerged as one of the largest, and most populous, cities in the realm. Besides the famous palaces in the royal compound there is Debre Birhan Sellasie church with is remarkable ceiling decorated with winged angels.



AXUM: mysterious monoliths

Ethiopians most ancient city and renowned for its cathedral of st.marry of Zion where as the legend has it, the original Ark of the convent is housed. Axum is also famous for its seven mysterious monolithic stelea, all made of single pieces of granite and with identical decorations. The biggest of them is 33 meter high and weights over 500 tones it was the largest monolith in the world but fell at some time in the past. Near it stands a smaller, but nevertheless most impressive, 24 meter high obelisk, and a larger oblise was taken to Rome, by the fascist Italian dictator Bento Mussolini in 1937 but now it is returned to its country and its reerction is under way. And Axum, is the home town of Queen of Sheba, and her Palace is located Axum. Axum, in its day, was a great commercial central issuing its own currency and trading with Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India and Even Ceylon.

YEHA: Ethiopia oldest town

This is the site of a huge and most impressive, temple, thought to date from around the sixth or seven century B.C. Even the journey takes you past the site of Ethiopia's historic victory over Italian colonialists, at the battle of Adwa of 1896, the greatest victory time of Hannibal
This pre-christian' temple of the moon' was the ancient center of the Sabena civilization.



DEBRE DAMO: Stairway To Heaven

A monastery built on the summit of a towering mountain close to the Eritrea border. The monks enter or leave the monastery by means of a wrist-thick rope made from twinged leather strips




LALIBELA: A city of Caved From Legend

Described as a creation of angels lalibela has seen preserved as one of UNESCO's 5th wonder world Heritage sites for its 11 rock hewn monolithic churches, which have been built by king Lalibela in the late Twelfth or early Thirteenth century.




AFAR: The roots of mankind.

Afar is the origin of human being, The Homemade named Lucy (Dinkinesh in Amharic) whose aged 3.5 million years old is found at Afar Region. Afar is also the park of an active volcano and the Danakil depression at 120 meters below sea level one of the lowest dryland points on earth.





Located about 600 kilometres from Addis Ababa on the river Baro, Gambela has a strange history. From 1902 until it was captured by the Italians in the Second World War, it was administered by the British, the only part of Ethiopia to be so governed, The reason for this is that the British opened a port there on the wide and navigable Baro River, which during four months of the rainy season is navigable and provides direct access to the sea via the Nile through Khartoum.

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